Cornbread and White Coat Lecture Series: Secure Your Med School Admission

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We are not taking NO for an answer! We are coming for these white coats!

Project Diversify Medicine (PDM) is proud to Launch our 11 Part Lecture Series "Cornbread and White Coats" designed to help you secure your med school admission.

In this series you will find over 10+ hours of lectures with Dr. Denmark, Founder of PDM and Board Certified Family Medicine Physician. Dr. Denmark has been in your shoes and traveled the non-traditional path from post-bacc to special masters program officially an Attending showing that it's possible Now she is paving the way for you to follow in her footsteps!

In this series you will learn:

-The secret to flipping your red flag into a positive on your med school application

-The art of securing clinical shadowing experience and mentors

-Detailed plan for overcoming low grades

-How to structure a gap year plan (SMP, post -bacc)

-Reapplying to med school after rejection

-Maximizing research /volunteer experiences to become a more competitive applicant

-Detailed plan on securing Letters of recommendations

-How to select a med school that is a good fit for you

-Approach to creating unique extracurricular activities to stand out on your application

-Tips on Interview

-The unspoken pitfalls that prevent students from getting into med school

-Determining when to apply to med school

-Reasons why you should apply to med school early

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