Everything You Need to Know About the New MCAT 2020

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Applying to medical school is super stressful! It is, even more, stressing with the MCAT cancellations and the change in format. To help make this process more transparent, Project Diversify Medicine Founder, Dr. Ashley Denmark hosted a one hour webinar answering all the burning MCAT questions on every premed's mind! The video session is now available! Questions covered during this video include:

  • Learn about how the MCAT will change its format for the 2021 application cycle
  • Determine when you should submit your primary application in light of MCAT changes/cancellations
  • Discuss strategy on how to prepare for the new MCAT based on the shorter testing time
  • Learn when it is "too late" to submit your primary application
  • How to handle potential future MCAT cancellations due to covid19, and it impacts on your white coat journey
  • Why you shouldn't stress if you don't get a secure seat for MCAT during the initial registration for the new test dates and why you would likely still find a seat after testing fills up.
  • Understand why taking your MCAT late this year is not taboo

Bonus live Q and A discussing commonly asked questions about the pre-med journey, including:

  • How to secure volunteer hours/extracurriculars during covid19
  • Strategies on how to get off the waitlist from medical school
  • How the MD and DO medical school application policies/due dates are changing to accommodate for delays due to covid19
  • How to secure money for special masters programs during gap year
  • Differences between formal and informal post-baccalaureate program
  • Recommended length of time needed to study for MCAT if you have a low GPA to be successful on the MCAT
  • How to leverage social media to build your resume, especially during covid19 and why this will make you stand out to admission committees
  • How to secure a persuasive letter of recommendations that will make you shine on your medical school application

As you can see, we are dropping gems over here! Beloved, stop googling and guessing and come download a copy of this jam-packed video session that will help you #GetTheWhiteCoat and become a doctor!