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2 hour mastermind class with Dr. Ashley Denmark, founder of Project Diversify Medicine and your Pre-Med Coach, on how to structure your personal statement. Go from blank screens to finding the story you need to include in your statement to get accepted

Learn my proven PDM FORMULA that will:
- Help you stand out and secure interviews & acceptance
- Understand what experiences to include and how to effectively describe them
- Learn how to address red flags
- Learn which words to include in your personal statement
- Learn the mistakes to avoid when crafting your personal statement


" Thank you for this. This was super helpful." - Sarah S.

"Thank you so much for this session, Dr. Ashley Denmark. I learned A LOT!! I'm actually looking forward to tackling this personal statement. I'm not intimidated by it anymore. Thank you for helping reframe how I think about writing this personal statement." - Francis R.

"Thank you so much for the tips. Now I have a better idea of what to write now." - Daniela D.